Giggles Photo Gallery (Week #39: 23 to 27 September 2019)

This week we start showcasing the learning that happens here at Giggles with a photo gallery blog.

Check out our photo gallery blog, on the fun learning at Giggles.

Cooking lunch is a great learning experience. From boiling the eggs, to waiting until they are cooled to tapping them open and cracking off the egg shells. To picking the herbs, cooking the ingredients, rolling out the roti for cooking. So much love from tamariki and kaiako goes into cooking our lunches. It’s truly a team effort!

This Weeks Photo Gallery::

Today is Monday 05 August 2019.

2. tuesday - ratu - mangalvaar.png

3. wednesday - raapa - budhvaar.png

4. thursday - rapare-veervaar.png

5. friday - ramere - shukrveer.png

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