Giggles Photo Gallery (Week # 31) 29 July to 02 August 2019

This week we start showcasing the learning that happens here at Giggles with a photo gallery blog.

This week we’re starting a photo gallery blog, on the fun learning at Giggles.

The photos that we take each day are for children’s Learning Stories. But to be honest with you, we take more photos than what we need. So we’ve decided on our blog to showcase these photos.

Note: As part of our enrolment, parents and caregivers are requested permission for their child’s image to be showcased on our website, social media etc.

Why a photo gallery blog?

We want to share and showcase the fun learning that happens here at Giggles, and what’s the best way to do this? Through photos, and an occasional video or two.

How will the photo gallery blog post work?

The idea is to add photos to the blog post the day after they’ve been taken. Each blog post by the end of the week will showcase five (5) days of photos and each day will be separated for easy viewing. Let’s see what happens…:)

This Weeks Photo Gallery::


Tuesday - ratu-mangalveer




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