Giggles Blogging Adventure Starts With You!

Giggles blogging adventure starts with you.

Kia ora and welcome friends to our very first blog post.

We are all super excited to start on our blogging journey, sharing with you what learning happens at Giggles.

My name is Shona, I’m the licensee and director of Giggles Childcare Centres located in Te Puke. I’m a mother of six, Nana to eight and happily married to my husband Brennan, where we live, work and play in our tight-knit community.

Back in 2005, I had a fantastic idea of opening a childcare centre, as I was unhappy with the care my three-year-old daughter (at the time) was receiving at her childcare centre.

Instead of looking elsewhere, I thought “If I can’t find the service I’m looking for, then I will create it.”  I knew that I wanted to open a family orientated childcare centre for our community.

Fast forward sixteen years, our three-year-old daughter now nineteen, her siblings their friends and their siblings, along with new families to Te Puke have been just some of the children who’ve attended Giggles.

Our team operates two childcare centres in Te Puke township off Commerce Lane, and both centres are located side by side. Giggles Rainbow Kidz Childcare Centre our nursery, is in the original building where Giggles opened in 2005.

Giggles Bizzy Beez Childcare Centre, our preschool, is the result of Giggles expanding in 2006.

Over the past sixteen years, we have fond memories of Te Puke children attending Giggles, and it’s a lovely surprise when we see them in our community moving on from primary school to intermediate, to high school, tertiary education and into employment.

Our Giggles philosophy has stood the test of time. The words I carefully chose in 2005, resonate today with our teaching team and whanau culture. Haven’t read our philosophy? We have a link below to take you to our philosophy page.

Why are we starting a blog? That’s a good question, considering we only started using Facebook a year ago😊 Our website has been out of date for ten years, and we decided last year that we desperately needed a new website. Creating a website has taken some time, with lots of learning involved. By the time you read this blog post, our website will be live (yay!).

Along with a new website, comes a blog.

Our blogging focus is to share with you little insights into our learning community here at Giggles, instead of just posting directly to Facebook, where they disappear after three or four days. We want to be able to create a knowledge bank, for you, our team and our community.

Our intention is to fill our blog posts with interesting little insights, things that we notice or learn, share what’s been happening in the week at Giggles, and answering any questions that you might have.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about early childhood education (ECE) or Giggles at the end of each blog post. Your questions are important, as we’ll create a blog post to share our answer so that we can help you and other parents, caregivers in our wider community.

Like our Facebook posts, we respect children and their families by not using their names in our blog posts.  Instead of using names, we’ll be generic by using; ‘child’, ‘children’, ‘tamariki’ (te reo for children), ‘parent’, ‘caregiver’, ‘family’, ‘whanau’ (re reo for family), ‘teacher’, ‘teaching team’, kaiako (te reo for teacher) or ‘whaea’ (te reo for auntie).

Just on a side note, to you our reader, children’s privacy is hugely important to us and that’s why we have written permission from parents to use imagery of their children on our website and blog. We are very grateful that our parents trust Giggles with photos or videos taken at Giggles to showcase the great learning that happens here.

Like our blog, our website will be an ever changing, growing space for parents, caregivers, families and our wider community to visit often.

As our way of thanking you for visiting our website and blog, our team has collated a quick and easy guide for you to find the best childcare for your child. Fifteen tips and two insider tips to support you in finding childcare your child loves, and so do you. Happy reading my friend.

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Have a question for our blog? Use the form below to let us know your question on either Giggles, the learning that happens at Giggles, children development and learning etc.

Welcome to Giggles Childcare Centres Blog.

Hi, I’m Shona! We provide childcare for children from 6 months to 6 years in our small and caring Te Puke community.


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