The best childcare in Te Puke for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

“Is your child between 2 years and 6 years?”

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Kia Ora and Welcome!

Giggles Bizzy Beez Childcare Centre has a space for your child.

Giggles Bizzy Beez has the largest outdoor early childhood play environment in Te Puke, where children aged 2 years to 6 years are encouraged to explore, investigate, imagine and create.

Playfulness is learning and growing together, and our learning spaces are full of opportunities to inspire, be creative, to wonder, and try.

At Giggles Bizzy Beez Childcare, children are supported in their learning important life-long skills, setting the foundation for school and their journey of becoming a global citizen.

Growing and developing life skills, supports children through school and into adulthood. An example of a life skill, is confidence. Growing and developing confidence is a skill, not something we are born with. So, through play and learning opportunities can confidence flourish.

Children fully transition from Giggles Rainbow Kidz to Giggles Bizzy Beez on their second birthday. Transitioning is over a long period of time, so that children are able to self-settle by growing trust with their new teachers and children in their new environment.

As children approach their fifth or sixth birthdays, their transition to school is unhurried, always being considerate of children’s well-being.


CENTRE AGE GROUP: 2 years to 6 years

GIGGLES Philosophy

GIGGLES Enrolment

LICENSE: Up to 35 children

LOCATION: Corner of Commerce Lane and King Street, Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, 3119


DAYS OPEN: Monday to Friday

HOUR OPEN: 7.30am to 5.30pm

DAYS CLOSED: Weekends, New Zealand public holidays and Statutory holidays.


ENQUIRIES: Contact Giggles

ENROLMENT ENQUIRY: Giggles Enrolment Enquiry Form

PARENTS & CAREGIVERS: Phone: 07 573 6222 (select Giggles Bizzy Beez)


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