The best childcare in Te Puke for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

 “Interested in enrolling your child at Giggles?”

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We invite you to:

👉 Pop in for a visit with your child: no need to make an appointment. Giggles address is Corner of Commerce Lane and King Street, Te Puke, and both of Giggles Childcare Centres are open Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm. Except public and statutory holidays.

👉 Stay for a chat and play: we can find out your childcare needs, and make some suggestions. Plus, you’ll be able to watch your child play.

👉 Decide if you want to come back: You’ll know (by the positive feeling in your tummy) whether you want to hang out with us some more 😊.

👉 Offering you 3 free pre-visits: you and your child can enjoy more time at Giggles. During this time we’ll support you to complete your child’s enrolment form, and you’ll meet your child’s special key teacher


Call Us On 07 573 6222

Select Giggles Head Office from the main menu on your phone.


… or use our enrolment enquiry form!

Complete our enrolment enquiry form (click on the button below), and we’ll be in contact with you, within 48 hours.